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Donor Services Coordinator


 As a Virtual Volunteer Donor Services Coordinator, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring our donors feel appreciated and informed about the impact of their contributions. You will work closely with our donor services team to provide personalized and timely communication, address donor inquiries, and contribute to donor stewardship efforts.


Key Responsibilities:

  1.  Donor Communication: Engage with donors through personalized emails, letters, and calls to express gratitude, provide updates, and answer inquiries.

  2. Donor Recognition: Implement and manage donor recognition programs to acknowledge the generosity of our supporters.

  3. Data Management: Maintain accurate donor records, update contact information, and track donor interactions in our database.

  4. Reporting: Generate reports and analysis to measure donor engagement and support decision-making.

  5. Collaboration: Collaborate with the fundraising and marketing teams to ensure a unified donor engagement and communication approach.



  •  Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Attention to detail and strong organizational abilities.

  • Proficiency in using donor management software or databases (training will be provided).

  • Passion for our organization's mission and values.



  • Play a crucial role in nurturing relationships with donors who support our mission.

  • Gain valuable experience in donor services, nonprofit management, and database management.

  • Contribute to a dynamic and mission-driven team.

  • Develop your communication and donor engagement skills.


How to Apply:

 If you are enthusiastic about building connections and ensuring our donors know how much they mean to us, we encourage you to apply for the Virtual Volunteer Donor Services Coordinator position. Click here to complete our volunteer application. Join us in fostering a sense of community and appreciation among our generous donors!

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