TaSaSha K. Harper, Founder and Executive Director of Vessels Interceding Sowing Into Our Nation better known as The Glass Slipper Foundation, has a great passion for the youth and their success. Because of her passion, she has become an advocate for the educational health and welfare of female adolescents in the community. TaSaSha has served as a mentor with Crossroads Community Partnership of Harris County and KIPP Academy. She is also a Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program Instructor and a Foster Parent.


The Glass Slipper Foundation was developed by Ms. Harper as a response to the outcries of the youth that she was in touch with. Many of the youth were residents of Group, Foster and Residential Treatment Facilities and had been exposed to negative environments. Their circumstances had caused them to view life in an undesirable and destructive way. Ms. Harper knew that she had to take action to transform the minds of the next generation.


This initiative is designed to educate our youth with life skills that are needed to be more than what they have been labeled to be and overcome the adversities that they face in their everyday life. The bi-weekly mentoring sessions addresses the physical, social and emotional needs of at-risk female youth ages 11-17. This allows us to make a great impact and walk with them through some of the toughest times of their lives.


These programs are made up of a diverse group of adolescents Through our partnerships with other organizations who serve female youth, Ms. Harper believes that The Glass Slipper Foundation can make a great impact on the young ladies of our community ...one at  a time!

Executive Director and Founder