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Board Vice Chair Role Description

Position Title: Vice Chair of the Board of Directors


Reports To: Chair of the Board of Directors


Term: Three years, Renewable


Role Overview:

The Vice Chair of the Board of Directors plays a critical role in supporting the Chair and the entire board in fulfilling their responsibilities and advancing the mission of the organization. This position is designed to provide leadership continuity and assist the Chair in carrying out their duties. The Vice-Chair should be a dedicated, strategic thinker who is committed to the organization's mission and values.




1. Support the Chair: Collaborate closely with the Chair of the Board to ensure effective leadership and governance of the organization. Be prepared to step into the Chair's role when necessary.


2. Board Meeting Leadership: Assist the Chair in preparing and leading board meetings, including setting the agenda, managing discussions, and ensuring that meetings are productive and focused on key strategic issues.


3. Committee Engagement: Actively participate in and potentially chair board committees or task forces as needed. Provide guidance to committee chairs and members to ensure that committee work aligns with the organization's strategic goals.


4. Strategic Planning: Work with the Chair and other board members to develop and implement the organization's strategic plan. Contribute to discussions on long-term goals, objectives, and priorities.


5. Fundraising and Development: Support the organization's fundraising efforts by making a personal financial contribution and helping to identify, cultivate, and solicit potential donors, sponsors, and partners.


6. Advocacy and Ambassadorship: Serve as an ambassador for the organization, promoting its mission, values, and programs within the community. When appropriate, advocate for the organization's interests and represent it at public events.


7. Succession Planning: Assist in identifying and recruiting new board members and potential leadership successors. Help ensure a smooth transition of leadership within the board.


8. Conflict Resolution: Help resolve conflicts or disputes within the board or between the board and staff, always with the organization's best interests in mind.


9. Legal and Ethical Oversight: Ensure the organization operates within legal and ethical guidelines. Be knowledgeable about the organization's bylaws, policies, and applicable laws and regulations.




  • Demonstrated commitment to the organization's mission and values.

  • Previous experience serving on a nonprofit board, preferably in a leadership role.Strong leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team.

  • A strategic mindset and a willingness to engage in critical thinking and decision-making.

  • Knowledge of nonprofit governance best practices and legal requirements.

  • Availability to attend board meetings, committee meetings, and organization events.

  • Financial capacity to make a meaningful annual contribution to the organization.

  • Professional expertise in areas that can benefit the organization (e.g., finance, marketing, legal, etc.) may be a plus.

Time Commitment:


The Vice-Chair role typically requires a commitment of approximately 10 hours per quarter for board meetings, committee work, and other responsibilities. The Vice Chair should also be available for ad hoc meetings or consultations as needed.

Application Process: 

Interested individuals should submit our Board of Directors Interest Form. Candidates may be interviewed by a board nominating committee, and final selections are made by a vote of the existing board members.


VISION Inc. is an equal opportunity organization and encourages individuals of all backgrounds and experiences to apply.

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