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Volunteering with our organization allows you to "give back" by supporting the at-risk youth of our community. Each of our volunteer opportunties direct impact the youth that we serve. Whether you want to volunteer for fun or volunteer to change a life, our opportunties will allow you to do what your heart desires!

Volunteer Opportunities

Events Marketing Team


The Glass Slipper Foundation will be hosting several events this year and would like to obtain volunteers to assist in marketing these events to our community.


Volunteers will perform the following duties:

  • Contact potential event attendees to notify about upcoming events

  • Visit schools and other events to market the event.

  • Host registration day for special events when necessary

  • Ensure a marketing presence is available via web, social media, and printed material.


Event Marketing is not limited to these platforms. Volunteers are welcomed to expand their marketing campaign.


For more information or to become a part of our Events Marketing Team, please click here to send us an email of interest. 

Black and White Affair


In an effort to support our Back-to-School Community Fun Day and Scholarship Fund, we are hosting a Black and White Affair. We are in need of several volunteers to assist with this project. Our volunteer opportunities include:

Decor Team

Serving Team

Greeting Team

For more information or to serve with us at this event, please click here to express your interest.









Social Media Coordinator


The Glass Slipper Foundation is searching for a few volunteers to manage our social media platforms. The ideal person(s) would be social media junkies that would love to promote the events and programs of our organization.


Volunteers will be responsible for:

  • Keeping all platforms updated with current information

  • Coordinating with events team to ensure all events are properly marketed.

  • Ensure weekly contact with the organization's coordinator.

  • Create new social media platforms in coordination with the organization's mission.


For more information or to become our Social Media coordinator, please click here to send us an email of interest. 

Back-to-School Community Fun Day 


The Glass Slipper Foundation and GLOW MC is hosting its annual Back-to-School Community Fun Day. This event will be hosted on Saturday, August 21@ the Northeast Multi-Service Center/Tidwell Park. 

We are in need of several volunteers to assist with this event. Please visit our Back-to-School page for more information or to register to volunteer. 









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